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Why Follow Trends When You Can Create Them? Welcome to Shibuya.

Youth Culture Meets Corporate Giants

Shibuya is not just Tokyo's playground; it's also a business powerhouse. Home to major tech companies and startups alike, it's where traditional industries and the big economy intersect.

Technology & Trendsetting

In Shibuya, the future is now. Known for its leading role in technology and fashion, it's a hotbed for innovation and new trends, attracting young creatives and tech-savvy professionals from around the globe.

The Pulse of Tokyo

Shibuya is more than just a famous crossing, it's the heartbeat of the city. From its bustling streets to its lively nightlife, it offers a unique blend of business and pleasure that captures the essence of modern Tokyo.

Shibuya is known as a center for culture and is among the most startup-concentrated areas in Japan. The desire to welcome startups from overseas to make Shibuya more diverse is why we decided to launch a one-year startup visa to entrepreneurs from all over the world.
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If you move to or within Shibuya City, register your new address. If you leave Shibuya City or Japan, notify the City Office. For arrivals from abroad or visa changes to medium/long-term, complete residence registration.
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Kento & Egor (Japan’s Venture Academy)

Japan's Venture Academy (JVA) is an organization managed mainly with a focus on Tokyo students, with support from Shibuya City, aiming to cultivate entrepreneurship through a student-oriented 3-month fellowship. We spoke with core members Kento Akiyama and Egor Sheverev about why they launched JVA and the details of their activities.

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Wei Chai (MaWaRoute)

Wei Chai, who was born in China and studied in England, France, and Japan before starting a startup to promote local charms in Japan, talked about his path, challenges, and findings.

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​The #1 Longevity Science and Startup Conference in Japan.


​Join us at Shibuya Bridge on July 5th for an evening of exploring innovations with Generative AI.


Unlock the potential of AI in Decision Intelligence for startups and VCs!

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