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TAKEOFF TOKYO  Builders Weekend 2024

April 9, 2024

Takeoff Tokyo is not just a single conference, but an ecosystem of related events happening over the course of several weeks.
One of these is the Builders Weekend, a 48-hour hackathon. This year it hosted over 80 participants as well as 20 partners and co-organizers at the Golden Egg in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The Event

Builders Weekend kicked off with an opening ceremony and welcome on Friday evening, after which participants formed teams and began working on their projects.
Saturday and Sunday saw each team furiously developing their ideas, staying up late into the night to work on ideas and code. On Sunday each team presented their projects and a winner was announced.

Winning Team


Four companies participated in Builders Weekend 2024 as technology partners, judging the hackathon and offering their services and technology.

Stability AI offer a developer platform for AI models in multiple modalities, offering services for text, image, video, 3D, and audio generation from simple prompts.

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Xpress AI is a low-code platform that makes it quick and easy to build sophisticated AI agents and integrate it into your applications and business.  It allows you to easily make scalable AI copilots, chatbots, automations or AI integrated services.  With the Xpress AI Agent Platform, you have access to a Jupyter Lab instance that you can use to build services with all the power of Python.

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Rebase is the maker of Instabase, a matching platform that connects people who own properties with people that want to rent space; not only for business, but also for hobbies, play, and beyond.

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Morph helps engineers to build data pipelines effortlessly instead of building functions on AWS Lambda. The keys to our platform are the AI-first code editor and built-in auto-scaling data mart powered by PostgreSQL.

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Open Ecosystem for Start-Up Co-Creation
EggFORWARD has provided consulting services to more than 1,000 companies, ranging from major corporations to start-ups, aiding in their management and organizational transformation.
However, conventional consulting approaches alone will not foster a society where budding start-ups can thrive and prosper.
At EggFORWARD, we envision ourselves as partners to startups dedicated to addressing social challenges. Our mission is to cultivate a "startup co-creation ecosystem" aimed at making positive changes in society as a whole by providing comprehensive support. This support encompasses (1) capital participation through investment, (2) consulting service in management and organizational strategies, (3) access to a professional network, (4) provision of incubation space.GOLDEN EGG aspires to generate and disseminate value in collaboration with fellow “comrades” who share this philosophy.


Takeoff Tokyo will be held on April 10th & 11th 2024 at Tokyo Big Sight.This event is for entrepreneurs aiming to go global.
With attendance more than doubling from last year, there will be panel discussions by startups seeking to expand their businesses and raise funds globally, as well as by entrepreneurs and investors who are active on the global stage.

Tickets can be purchased through the official website (

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