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The Startup Data Standardization Association paves the way for future startups

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The Startup Data Standardization Association, established in 2022, is working to standardize registration data, securities data, and financial data with the goal of improving data management efficiency in the startup industry. The first deliverables in these areas will be published at the end of FY2023. In particular, the attempt to digitize the securities data of unlisted start-ups and make it analyzable in a unified format is expected to contribute to the management efficiency of cross-border investments as well.

The association's members include a number of leading companies in the industry, such as Atsumi & Sakai and Nomura Securities, with a member of the House of Representatives as an honorary member. Each working group has developed and released templates related to registration and financial data to help startups reduce their legal costs and improve the efficiency of their business operations, thereby encouraging their growth.

This initiative is expected to accelerate the commercialization process in the startup industry and contribute to innovation in the economy as a whole. The Startup Data Standardization Association will continue to work hard to create a foundation to support sustainable growth and development.

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