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Utsunomiya City boosts collaboration between professional sports and startups

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In Utsunomiya, cooperation between professional sports teams and local startups is flourishing. This collaboration has led to initiatives such as the development of a cricket-based nutrition bar and an application for managing menstrual cramps.

The city has drafted a new vision for urban development using sports, and aims to create new sports-related industries through public-private cooperation. At its core is the ‘Utsunomiya Accelerator,’ a startup support program that brings together Utsunomiya City, local businesses, universities, and financial institutions to help accelerate business and develop sales channels. Three Utsunomiya-based teams in basketball, soccer, and bicycle racing have worked with startups through this program.

Examples include a project to measure adrenaline secretion during exercise, the development of a nutrition bar for women, and an app to support athletes during menstruation. These efforts have contributed to improving athletes' performance and health, while at the same time revitalizing local industry.

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