Autonomous driving startup Tier IV joins Shinkansen redevelopment project

Nagoya-based autonomous driving company Tier IV is set to participate in the redevelopment of stations along the future Linear Chuo Shinkansen line. Tier IV will manage a business hub near Kanagawa Prefecture Station in Sagamihara City, expected to be completed by spring 2024, which will house companies related to smart city development, including those from the automotive and consumer electronics sectors.

Tier IV President Shinpei Kato stated that creating destinations people desire to visit is essential for generating demand for mobility services, envisioning establishments like restaurants that serve as theme parks where cutting-edge technologies can be experienced. As a specially-appointed associate professor at the University of Tokyo, Mr. Kato is also eager to implement academic innovations into society.

Tier IV emphasizes the significant opportunity for startups to engage in colossal projects like the Linear Chuo Shinkansen, and aims to extend the chance for many companies to participate.

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