ekei labs boosts longevity research, aims to make Okinawa a global hub

ekei labs, a Japanese startup focused on promoting health and longevity, has conducted a pre-seed fundraising round led by Lifetime Ventures in collaboration with the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. Founded in 2018, ekei labs offers assessments of biological age through blood tests, enabling individuals to adjust their lifestyles for better aging management. This recent round of funding aims to accelerate their research in DNA methylation techniques and make biological age testing more accessible to the general public.

This initiative aligns with Japan's efforts to address challenges in its aging society and positions the country as a leader in global longevity. ekei labs' approach shifts the focus from treating age-related diseases to a proactive management of aging and health, which is also economically significant. Furthermore, this funding is set to boost the regional economy of Okinawa, as ekei labs aims to make the area a global hub for longevity research.

Blackbox features interviews with both the CEOs of ekei labs and Lifetime Ventures. Be sure to check them out below:

Bilal Kharouni (ekei labs) - Blackbox JP

Ryosuke Kimura (Lifetime Ventures) - Blackbox JP

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