Niigata Venture Capital launches new fund aimed at startups

Niigata Venture Capital has established a new fund called the Regional Creation Niigata No. 2 Fund, aimed at investing in companies with headquarters in Niigata or those managed by Niigata natives outside the prefecture. It has a 10-year operation period starting from October 2023, with a projected 1.5 billion yen available with support from local enterprises and Niigata Prefecture.

Since its establishment in 2010, Niigata VC has invested in a total of 29 companies through two funds. This new fund has lowered the average investment amount from 30-50 million yen to a minimum of 5 million yen, allowing for broader support for early-stage startups. Investments from Niigata VC have led to the public listings of companies like note and Angel Group, contributing to the goal of increasing the number of IPO companies in Niigata Prefecture.

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